Marijuana dispensary opens in Wapakoneta –

Family and friends of people with medical marijuana cards must sit in the waiting room of Eagle Dispensaries, 502 N. Dixie Highway, Wapakoneta. The region’s first marijuana dispensary opened its doors Monday.

Craig J. Orosz | The Lima News

Eagle Dispensaries, located at 502 N. Dixie Highway, Wapakoneta, is open to people with a state-issued medical marijuana patient ID verifying they meet one of Ohio’s 21 qualifying conditions. A state-certified physician must issue that ID.

Craig J. Orosz | The Lima News


502 N. Dixie Highway, Wapakoneta


WAPAKONETA — Eagle Dispensaries saw patients for the first time Monday, marking the end of a seven-month wait for the Lima region’s first and only medical marijuana dispensary to open.

The dispensary is now the 20th to open in Ohio since the program went live in January.

But it won’t be open to everyone.

Those seeking to purchase medical marijuana from the dispensary first need a state-issued medical marijuana patient ID verifying they meet one of Ohio’s 21 qualifying conditions, which can be obtained from a visit to a state-certified physician.

“They need to show their medical marijuana patient ID that they received from the physician and their photo ID that they gave the doctor,” said Jamie Gallaspie, a manager at the dispensary. The photo identification is case sensitive: Gallaspie explained that patients will need to show the same ID they provided their physician when applying for the medical marijuana registry, along with their patient card.

Those who gain entry will be escorted through the dispensary area by a patient advisor. Spouses and caregivers, meanwhile, will have to wait in the lobby.

The dispensary is currently selling THC-infused edibles, such as drops and

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