Marijuana-infused ice cream is coming to a dispensary near you, just in time for summer – The Boston Globe

As Massachusetts looks toward the end of a long pandemic winter, local chef David Yusefzadeh offers this daydream of a happier summer: Returning home from the beach on a hot afternoon, you skip the old-fashioned ice cream stand and head to your local marijuana store for a cup of Michelin star-worthy mango yuzu sorbet — infused with just enough cannabis oil to make that evening’s sunset extra glorious (and the sunburn sting a bit less).

That vision is more than mere fantasy, after regulators at the Cannabis Control Commission last week voted to award Yusefzadeh’s Framingham-based Cloud Creamery a final license. The frozen edibles company, the first of its kind in the state, hopes to begin shipping three flavors of marijuana-infused ice creams to 14 partner dispensaries in time for the traditional “420″ cannabis holiday on April 20, when legal pot sales typically peak for the year.

Yusefzadeh, a veteran chef who has managed a number of prestigious kitchens, said the project has deeply personal origins: He suffers from Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory condition that caused him excruciating pain, making sleep nearly impossible and threatening to derail his career in high-end cuisine.

Ultimately, Yusefzadeh discovered that cannabis edibles before bed helped far more than pharmaceutical prescriptions — but found the offerings at Massachusetts dispensaries lacking.

“It’s all candy, high-fructose syrup, pork gelatin, and artificial coloring,” he said. “I was like, ‘where’s the food?’ … There’s no story. It’s just to get you high.”

Convinced he could do better, Yusefzadeh founded Cloud Creamery with the idea of making a cannabis medicine that was delicious and appealing as a food in its own right.

Future flavors of gourmet marijuana-infused ice cream set to be released by Cloud Creamery include heirloom tomato sorbet, sweetcorn ice cream, and pear sorbet.Courtesy of Cloud Creamery

The ultra-gourmet ice creams he eventually formulated

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