Maryland marijuana dispensaries learn how to do business – WBAL Baltimore

Buying marijuana for medicinal purposes only is still months away in Maryland, but the industry is gearing up for the logistical and legal issues of selling cannabis products.


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Some of Maryland’s first dispensaries spent Monday learning, from soup to nuts, how to run a cannabis business.

Dr. Jahan Marcu is the chief science officer at Americans for Safe Access, a nonprofit that recently released a study of medical marijuana dispensaries in other states.

“Eighty percent of dispensary staff were trained without scientific or medical information involved in their training,” Marcu said.

Marcu trains medical marijuana companies on the product they sell and the wide range of unique implications of operating such a business.

“We’re talking about ancient history, modern medicine and really redefining what medicine is,” Marcu said.

From the complicated science of cannabis to the practical issues of a business, Americans for Safe Access also trains people to deal with the legal limbo of medical marijuana.

“What do you do when the (Drug Enforcement Administration) knocks at your door of your dispensary? And so we also train our members to be able to deal with federal law enforcement encounters,” Marcu said.

Operating a medical marijuana company is legal in Maryland, but it’s technically a federal crime.

“So every day that you go into work, every dollar that you earn, frankly, even being in this room talking about how to set up a cannabis operation, is aiding and abetting a federal crime, and so you have to walk this line,” said Darren Weiss. He runs the newly formed cannabis division of the Howard County law firm Offit Kurman, which represents medical marijuana growers, processors and dispensaries.

The Trump administration has indicated it would abide by a federal directive

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