Massachusetts marijuana data: MassLive Media presents new findings, with Gen X and Boomers more likely to con –

Though smoking remains the most common way to consume marijuana, the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations are more likely to consume cannabis through edibles, according to new research of Massachusetts marijuana consumers presented Tuesday during NECANN Online.

Having high-quality products in stock at dispensaries in Massachusetts is a priority for Boomers, who are born between 1946 and 1964, according to the research. For Gen X, people born between 1965 and 1980, concerns about the stigma associated with marijuana use remain. The price of cannabis is a concern for Gen Z, those born in the mid-to-late 1990s through the early 2010s, more than any other age group.

MassLive Media, a sponsor and presenter at NECANN Online, partnered with Drive Research to conduct a survey of cannabis consumers in and around Massachusetts, looking to learn how and why they make their purchasing decisions. Findings were presented for the first time on Tuesday afternoon, as NECANN Online offered dozens of programming sessions all about the marijuana industry.

“It wasn’t that long ago that a cannabis dispensary opened in Massachusetts and there were lines around the block and security needs due to crowds,” said Gareth Charter, the MassLive Media Vice President of Sales.

“That was when it was all new, but already in the summer of 2020 with nearly 100 stores either open or coming soon, the consumer has lots of choices,” Charter continued. “We thought it would be really fascinating to start to talk to consumers and help the industry understand what cannabis consumers are thinking. Are they brand loyal yet? Do different age groups think differently about making legal cannabis purchases? We got some great information and are excited to share it.”

Adult-use cannabis stores opened in Massachusetts in November 2018, the first shops to sell recreational marijuana on the East

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