Maui medical marijuana dispensary opens offices on Oahu – Maui News

Pono Life Sciences, which manages one of the two Maui medical marijuana dispensaries, has opened up administrative offices in downtown Honolulu to better work with state Health Department officials, legislators, doctors, medical institutions and patients to get the program up and running.

The company, which manages Pono Life Sciences Maui LLC, announced Wednesday that the Honolulu offices in the Topa Tower will house its accounting, communications and administrative teams.

The news release also mentioned “showcasing our strength in education.”

“We will focus our efforts on the Oahu and Maui communities, given the large number of currently certified patients in Hawaii’s Medical Marijuana Registry Program that are concentrated in both counties, along with the number of tourists who share their time between both islands,” said Michael Takano, Pono Life Maui’s chief executive officer.

“Our community health goals are driven by informing the public of the benefits and appropriate use of the product, in addition to navigating patients through the state registration process,” he said.

Takano said that the offices are not really open to the public and that they will not and could not sell medical marijuana out of Honolulu because Pono Life has a Maui license. There are three Oahu medical marijuana licensees.

The Health Department confirmed that licensees only can sell their product on the island where they are licensed. Health Department spokeswoman Anna Koethe on Friday could not confirm whether licensees could have administrative offices and conduct educational activities on other islands “as that is not clear at this point.”

Takano said that the educational component is more about “building long-term relationships” with doctors, patients and others involved in the marijuana dispensary program. Pono Life will offer information and data to doctors and institutions on the use of medical marijuana and its outcomes. The company’s approach will be

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