Medical dispensary planning to sell cannabis for adult use – The Somerville Times

Revolutionary Clinics’ Somerville location at 67 Broadway. ~ Photo courtesy of Revolutionary Clinics

By Hongyu Liu

On January 5, Revolutionary Clinics presented its plan of selling adult-use cannabis in its Somerville store.

Revolutionary Clinics is a medical dispensary selling medical marijuana in the State of Massachusetts. One of its three clinics is located at 67 Broadway Street in Somerville. It opened more than three years ago.

Keith Cooper, the CEO of Revolutionary Clinics, said the store paid over $250,000 host community fees to the City of Somerville last year. The fee goes to programs including drug treatment and education.

“We have been cooperative citizens, we plan to continue to do that,” Cooper said.

Current customers of the clinic are people with medical conditions that were traditionally treated with opioids. Only medical-card holders are allowed in the store at present. After the conversion, however, the store will open to everyone over the age of twenty-one.

Cooper emphasized that the store will remain a medical dispensary, and their products will remain the same. He said the sale for medical and adult-use will be conducted separately to provide medical customers “privacy and convenience.”

“It’s the same business, just incrementally more customers,” according to Cooper.

Anticipating a growing number of customers, the store will expand its current four-space garage. The shop will also install bike racks for customers.

The store will implement an appointment-based system until the demand is clear.

Cooper expects the expansion to be finished this summer. However, he mentioned that they will have to wait for a series of permits to begin their construction projects.

City Planner Charlotte Leis added that an urban design meeting regarding the construction will be scheduled in the near

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