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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV)— On Wednesday, people from around the area had a chance to learn more about the medical marijuana dispensary coming to Staunton later this year.

GAPP brought in PharmaCann to hold an informational meeting about the dispensary opening later this year. | Credit: WHSV

Greater Augusta Prevention Partners reached out to PharmaCann, the company opening the dispensary a few months ago to arrange the meeting.

Keri Jones, GAPP coalition coordinator, said they had been receiving a lot of calls about the dispensary coming to town. She said they don’t always have the answers, since that’s not something they focus on.

“Because we field so many phone calls, and most people are really, really confused, we thought it was a great idea to let the community have a better understanding of the marijuana that’s coming to town,” Jones said. “Some people think it’s loose-leaf marijuana, and we wanted to quickly dispel that myth.”

Wednesday’s meeting was really about introducing PharmaCann to the area and educating the public about Virginia’s program, since it’s still so new.

Mike Richards, outreach and development manager for PharmaCann, said they want to help change the thinking around medical marijuana.

“This isn’t a drug,” Richards said. “This is something that’s medicine. This is something that people that are suffering are using to get their lives back.”

Richards also addressed any security concerns people might have about the dispensary.

“Cannabis is something that’s regulated,” Richards said. “Our company has very safe products; we take very high levels of security measures.”

PharmaCann is one of five companies approved to open dispensaries by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy earlier this year .

The dispensary is expected to open by the end of the year.

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