Medical marijuana dispensaries struggle with supplying product – KOLR –

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Marijuana takes a historic step toward becoming decriminalized at the federal level.

Locally, two local dispensaries say they’re doing well but have different answers regarding supply.

Cassville Dispensary went public in September and started selling THC in late October.

“Fortunately, we have only run out of product a day and a half in the entire time that we have been open,” said Charlea Estes-Jones, the general manager at Cassville Dispensary. “It has been crazy but a good kind of crazy.”

Old Route 66 Wellness opened in November and ran out of product in a month. The dispensary owners don’t know how long they will be closed.

Dan Viets serves as Missouri’s coordinator for NORML, a non-profit focused on legalizing marijuana.

“Our next steps here in the state of Missouri are to draft and to submit to the Secretary of State’s office a proposal which would place on the November 2022 ballot the question of legalizing, taxing and regulating,” said Viets. “Like alcohol, the adult use of marijuana and the adult cultivation of marijuana for personal use.”

Viets feels optimistic about the chances of legalization happening.

“We’ll have to work around the pandemic, but yes, one way or another,” said Viets.

Lyndall Fraker with the Department of Health and Senior Services says he wants to see more cultivation facilities start harvesting.

“It’ll be good to get more of that product available out there for all the patients of Missouri who have been waiting for it,” said Fraker.

Fraker says the Federal Drug Administration might get involved, which he says is a good thing.

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