Medical Marijuana Dispensary On Pace To Open In Pittsfield Soon –

Attorney Andrea Nuciforo presented the Zoning Board of Appeals copies of the floor plans on Wednesday night.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Construction is on pace for what could be the first medical marijuana dispensary in the county.

Khem Organics has started renovations to a building on Dalton Avenue, which currently houses Jay’s Custom Muffler & Auto, Casey’s Billiards, and used to house the Salvation Army store. All three businesses are vacating the facility to make way for the dispensary. 

“Our goal is to be substantially complete in about six weeks and we are online for that. We’ve filed for a building permit and obtained a building permit. It is mostly interior renovations,” said Frank DeMarinis, the Sage Engineering president and the engineer on the project. 

“It is on schedule to be growing in six weeks and then in about another two months after that to go to sale.”

The company filed detailed floor plans with the city and the Zoning Board of Appeals ruled that the changes to expand into additional space weren’t significant enough to require another permit. The plans had evolved from originally using about 14,000 square feet of the building, taking over just the Salvation Army storefront, to using the entire building. 

“We’re occupying the entire building in lieu of Casey’s Billiards and the muffler spot in the back,” DeMarinis said.

The expanded footprint, however, doesn’t come with any increases in volume, he said. The plans previously submitted were conceptual, needed spaces for break rooms, offices, and utility rooms, and it was determined that it needed more space to grow than previously anticipated.

While the company will use more space to grow the cannabis, it intends to produce the same amount per month. 

“We weren’t planning on increasing production. We were planning to produce the same amount,” DeMarinis told

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