Medical marijuana dispensary scheduled to open east of Cut Bank in mid-March – Cut Bank Pioneer Press

“I’m hoping to be open for business for current patients on March 18,” announced Rene’ Tyree, owner of Mommaz, a medical marijuana dispensary provider that is currently operating in the Kalispell area. Tyree recently leased a building, which is located at 25828 Hwy. 2 East, to open her Glacier County location. The building is located east of Cut Bank near Stahl Road.

According to Tyree, medical marijuana cardholders will need to have her named as the provider on their cards if they wish to be served by her Cut Bank or Kalispell area dispensaries.  “Change requests need to be completed as soon as possible,” she noted, adding, “Patients need to understand that I can not help them unless I am the provider listed on their Montana Medical Marijuana card.” Change forms can be found at

In order to help familiarize her clients with the products and services, Tyree invites prospective clients to contact Mommaz Enterprises, Inc. at (406) 309-2380. 

Tyree has a Mommaz Facebook Page so patients can stay updated on current events, she stated. 

Patients needing renewals or new doctor recommendations can work with their primary care physicians as well as various clinics around the state, Tyree pointed out.

 “Patients need not hesitate to call for information. We are here to help,” offered Tyree. 

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