Medical marijuana dispensary site causes controversy in Annapolis – WBAL Baltimore

Anne Arundel County will likely soon get its first medical marijuana dispensary, but not everyone is happy about it.


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The dispensary was approved to go in a location just outside Annapolis, in a spot that some residents and official say is too close to homes and schools.

The dispensary, to be located in the 2000 block of West Street, will be a place where prescription holders are allowed to shop and buy medical marijuana. Several companies are seeking approval in Anne Arundel County, but this one is the first with an approved permit.

County Councilman Chris Trumbauer, who represents the area, supports the location.

“There’s a need for it,” Trumbauer said. “I mean there’s people with chronic pain and other issues that have a need for medical cannabis, so if we can put those in responsible locations and people can get the medicine they need I’m all for it.”

But the responsible location part is what some residents in Trumbauer’s district and other county and Annapolis officials disagree on.

The location basically sits on the line between Anne Arundel County and the city of Annapolis within 1,000 feet of a residential area, something county officials tried to avoid.

The county previously passed a zoning regulation prohibiting dispensaries within 1,000 feet of neighborhoods and schools north of Route 50.

The issue is the future medical marijuana location sits south of Route 50.

“It was never the intention of the county to allow a dispensary to go in an area like this,” Anne Arundel County spokesman Owen McEvoy said. “We wrote the legislation as strictly as we possibly could. The sponsors of the dispensary read it one way. The law wasn’t particularly clear.”

This led to

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