Medical Marijuana Dispensary Topic for Silver Spring Meeting –

SILVER SPRING, MD — Silver Spring residents are encouraged to attend the Community Civic Meeting Feb. 13 to view a presentation by a cannabis cultivation operator that intends to open in Silver Spring.

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) is a nationwide medical marijuana operator that runs dispensary facilities to provide patients with the most effective and therapeutic medical cannabis products.

GTI recently received pre-approval for the Senate District 20 dispensary license and plans to operate in the urban corridor of Silver Springs, according to the City.

“We believe everyone deserves the dignity of health and well being and are on a mission to provide safe, effective and therapeutic medical cannabis nationwide by operating world class cultivation facilities and customer-first retail experiences,” the GTI website states.

Through their presentation, GTI plans to engage and educate the Silver Spring community on various facets of their business, such as: the benefits of medical marijuana, safety and security, community advantages and eligible patient conditions.

According to GTI, cannabis helps ease the symptoms associated with cancer, spinal cord injury, epileptic seizures, HIV/AIDS, lupus, anxiety, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s and more.

GTI currently operates in Nevada, Illinois, Florida and Massachusetts.

To obtain a medical marijuana license, Maryland residents must first register as a qualifying patient through the Patient Registry on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website. The registry is set to open during the first quarter of 2017.

Once the patient and their physician are cleared by the Commission, patients can obtain a 30-day supply of medical cannabis at any licensed Dispensary in Maryland by presenting their ID card or a valid government-issued ID.

Find out more information on the process here.

The Community Civic Meeting will also include dialogue with Councilmember Hans Riemer and discussion with the board on their FY18 Operating Budget Advice letter.

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