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LEOMINSTER — The medical-marijuana dispensary special-permit application for Prime Wellness Centers was once again delayed by the City Council, however discussions Monday night revealed more details about the community-host agreement and growing frustrations between the applicants and the city.

The host agreement serves as a list of all the ways the dispensary promises to devote portions of its revenue to local groups and services.

According to the most recent draft of the agreement, the city would receive $50,000 in the dispensary’s first year or 1.25 percent of gross sales if that amount is greater. In the second year the city would receive up to $70,000 or 1.25 percent of the gross while the third year would be $100,000 or 2.5 percent of the gross.

The fourth and successive years would be 2.5 percent increases over what the city received the year before.

During the meeting Mayor Dean Mazzarella also said the agreement has been set up in a way that will allow the city to be flexible year-after-year in deciding what local organizations might benefit from some of the collected revenues.

However, the community host agreement being negotiated between Prime Wellness and Mazzarella has yet to be officially executed, which, according to Ward 4 City Councilor Mark Bodanza, meant the council could not approve their special permit application Monday night.


When urged to have the agreement executed by the next council meeting, Prime Wellness Group spokesman Pat Scorzelli said the dispensary is only waiting for the city solicitor to draft it in the form of a legal document.

“It’s not for lack of our desire, we have no control over this document,” Scorzelli said. “We’ve been ready to execute that document for a long time.”

A decision on Prime Wellness’ special permit application had already been delayed

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