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Medically Correct, creator of the national incredibles line of award-winning chocolate bars, has experienced more than a decade of success in the Colorado cannabis market. As more states legalize, new retailers, manufactures, and shoppers have entered the scene. While this may mean more competition for established brands, it also promises a shift in social and cultural acceptance and a door to greater business opportunities for all industry sectors.

Aware of this shift and the growing popularity of premium/gourmet chocolate in the mass market, the founders of Medically Correct created Nové. The innovative line of filled, single-origin chocolates provides consumers an everyday luxury and is positioned to appeal to three target audiences: price-conscious edibles buyers, cannabis flower purchasers, and the canna-curious. With wide appeal and as a trusted brand partner, Nové aims not only to drive new traffic to Colorado dispensaries, but also to increase basket size and propel sustainable revenue growth.

Advertisement (Image: Nové) A new, affordable option for edibles buyers

In a 2020 article, The New York Times writer Alison Stine discussed how during the pandemic, consumers concerned by “vaping illness” reports and respiratory risks posed by smoking turned to cannabis edibles consumption. In addition, Headset data demonstrates recreational edibles unit sales from 2018 to 2020 increased 50 percent. With edibles taking greater market share from other categories, more dispensaries are strategically broadening their selections.

One area of growth within the category is the luxury product segment, but how does that hold in a world where COVID-19 has left many consumers jobless or financially struggling? Nové takes a different approach by providing “luxury without the luxury price tag.” While the brand takes pride in being among the most affordable choices in premium cannabis chocolates, it maintains a dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and design by:

Employing award-winning chocolatiers and

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