Mission Reopens South Chicago Dispensary Targeted By Looters in May – Cannabis Business Times

Mission dispensary celebrated the grand reopening of its Chicago store on July 31, two months after it was ransacked by dozens of people in just one of several incidents across the country of looters targeting cannabis businesses amid nationwide protests over the police killing of George Floyd.

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Kris Krane, president and co-founder of Mission’s parent company 4Front Ventures, told Cannabis Business Times in June that it appeared to be a planned attack, as security footage captured several cars pulling up to the store at one time. Thirty to 40 people used crowbars and baseball bats to smash windows and doors to break into the South Chicago dispensary, Krane said.

In a follow-up interview with Cannabis Business Times, Krane says there weren’t many surprises as they worked to repair damages with contractors and construction crews, replace lost inventory and reopen the medical and adult-use store. But the process took time, especially replacing custom-built components like the security doors. They also made upgrades throughout, he says, adding “multiple layers of security.”

Krane also commended city and state officials for being responsive during the inspection process, and inspectors for being clear and straightforward with recommendations.

“We work in a lot of states, and trying to go through an inspection process in many states is a challenging process,” Krane says. (Mission operates stores in Massachusetts, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as Illinois.) “It takes forever to get somebody out there, inspectors come through and can be adversarial in some cases, and getting responses from state can be challenging in some cases. But [in Chicago and Illinois,] the city and state were a pleasure to work with. Not to say they rubber stamped us, but they were really responsive and got back to us

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