Missouri Begins Testing Medical Marijuana, Expected To Hit Dispensary Shelves Soon – St. Louis Public Radio

Missouri is getting closer to selling medical marijuana, as the state’s first testing facility begins inspecting the drug.

The testing site, EKG Labs, passed final inspections in late September and quickly began testing cannabis for BeLeaf Medical in Earth City. BeLeaf was the first cultivation site approved by the state, and co-founder John Curtis said it expects to receive the results from the first round of testing soon.

“Our first batch is in the hands of EKG Labs,” Curtis said. “They’ve had it about a week, actually maybe a little longer… which is common and perfectly normal for that first test to take a little bit longer.”

Curtis characterized the first round of testing essentially as a trial run. He said the facility likely needs to get its machines calibrated correctly and to ensure all equipment is working as it should. Once that happens, he said the testing will go much faster.

“Once they’re really up and running and all of their calibration is complete, it should be a five-day turnaround,” Curtis said. “So, if we drop a sample off on Monday, we hope to hear back by Friday if it can be put on the shelves for sale.”

Curtis said this initial test is on a batch that’s not large enough to stock dispensary shelves, but he expects to send the next round and have medical cannabis ready in the BeLeaf dispensary in the next couple of weeks.

Some in the industry indicated that sales could begin as early as this week. Jack Cardetti, a spokesperson for the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, said there are two cultivation sites that have sent cannabis in for testing at EKG Labs. BeLeaf Medical is one of them. But Cardetti reiterated that “when and where the first sales happen remains to be

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