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Missouri Health & Wellness (MH&W), a medical cannabis company licensed to operate five dispensaries in the state, announced today that its Kirksville location will be open for business on March 1st, 2021. Missouri Health & Wellness was one of the first dispensaries approved by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to operate in the state. MH&W also owns and operates dispensaries in Washington, Belton, Jefferson City, and Sedalia.

“This has been some time coming and we are excited to finally bring medical cannabis to northeast Missouri, Adair County and the surrounding areas,” said Randy Stambaugh, MH&W’s statewide manager. “It’s very rewarding when we’re able to help patients who are suffering.”

MH&W’s dispensary in Kirksville will have a variety of flower strains and edibles available upon opening along with a complete line of products as the supply becomes more available. Customers will be able to place a pre-order at 2pm February 28th.

MH&W is making customer service and safety cornerstones of its business, said Regional Manager Kathleen Beebe. “We have an incredible team who have all gone through an extensive training program to better serve our patients,” she emphasized. MH&W has also implemented expanded cleaning, social distancing, mandatory mask-wearing, and pre-ordering online for pick-up at all its dispensaries.

“We have made it our mission to provide residents of the Show-Me State with the most insightful information and education about the health benefits of medical cannabis,” Beebe said, noting that MH&W has created an official Missouri Patient Guide to Medical Marijuana available on its website. Customers coming to the dispensary will also get one-on-one attention from MH&W Wellness Specialists, who have extensive knowledge about the various strains of cannabis and their proper use for specific medical conditions. Patients seeking a Missouri cannabis medical card and information about their

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