More north country towns, villages move to ban cannabis dispensaries – NNY360

More north country towns and villages have decided to opt out of allowing marijuana dispensaries in their borders, but some are still deciding.

On Wednesday night, the Copenhagen Village Board of Trustees unanimously voted to pass an opt-out law, preventing any cannabis dispensaries or lounge-style consumption sites from opening. They’re the latest north country community to make the move, joining a growing league of towns and villages that have said they don’t want pot sales in their communities, at least for now.

In the town of Alexandria along the St. Lawrence River, officials have yet to pass a law to opt out of allowing dispensaries or consumption sites, although there is wide public support for them to do so.

At the public hearing to discuss the law on Sept. 15, officials heard a letter that urged the town to move to bar dispensaries.

“We didn’t make a decision after the public hearing, and I believe we’re going to make the decision in October, unless some board members don’t feel comfortable and want to wait,” said Alexandria Town Supervisor Brent M. Sweet. “We have until Dec. 31 to make a move on this.”

Mr. Sweet said board members seemed interested in hearing more from the community, and reflecting further on whether they should allow marijuana dispensaries.

“I think the board wanted to think about it and make sure everyone who wanted to comment could, so that’s why we didn’t rush to a decision,” he said.

The Alexandria Bay Village Board of Trustees chose to bar dispensaries and consumption sites in the village by a unanimous vote in early July.

Village Mayor Stephen E. Jarvis said the village wants to allow marijuana businesses eventually, but the board wasn’t comfortable allowing shops without understanding more about the laws that will govern them — from the appearance of dispensaries, to the

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