Naticks first medical marijuana dispensary — Bountiful Farms — is open for business. – Milford Daily News

Annual gross sales are expected to top $5 million annually.

NATICK — Jeffrey Barton remembered his late wife, Nancy, on Wednesday as he conducted the official opening of Bountiful Farms, Natick’s first medical marijuana dispensary.

Nancy died 10 years ago from breast cancer — two years before medical marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts — and Barton believes she would have benefited from the type of products sold at Bountiful Farms.

“It wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but the quality of her life, especially in the last year, would have been so much better,” Barton said.

Located in an industrial park at 13 Mercer Road, Bountiful Farms’ 12 employees are overseen by Barton, who serves as president and chief executive officer. The business opens to customers on Thursday.

An out-of-town investor — whom Barton identified as the Gilder family — pumped more than $1 million into the business.

Projected annual gross sales are expected to top $5 million in 2021, with gradual improvement annually, Barton said.

As part of a host community agreement signed with the Select Board, Bountiful Farms agreed to make quarterly payments to Natick that represent 3% of its gross sales. The funds will offset community impact by investing in law enforcement and public health.

A separate development agreement with the board means Bountiful Farms will pay $20,000 annually to Natick to fund substance-abuse and mental-health services, including programs in the public schools.

Securing the necessary state and local licenses and permits didn’t come without a few bumps in the road.

Some business owners in the office park complained during open sessions held by the Planning Board that a medical marijuana dispensary was not a good fit. One of them, Gary Kaufman, said Bountiful Farms will eventually try to sell recreational marijuana, because it can’t make a profit selling only medical marijuana. But

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