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A bill legalizing medical marijuana passed in Missouri in late 2018, but it took nearly two years for the medicine to become available locally. N’Bliss Dispensary is proud to claim the title of having been the first dispensary open that served the very first medical marijuana patient in the state on Oct. 17, 2020.

“The first two licensed dispensaries that were operational and served the patients of Missouri were our Manchester and Ellisville N’Bliss locations, which both opened on the same day,” said Bradford Goette, CEO and managing partner of N’Bliss Dispensary. “We were fortunate enough to have those businesses debut in June with CBD, so they were already fully operational and had the opportunity to help educate people and engage with the community prior to the medical dispensary portion opening.”

In the first few months of operation, N’Bliss offered just two SKUs of flower (the marijuana bud that is smoked). But as the number of Missouri medical marijuana cardholders has increased to over 140,000, the amount of products available has grown to meet demand. N’Bliss now offers over 500 SKUs, ranging from a large variety of flower strains to vapors, oils, edibles, tinctures, topicals and more. “As the year has moved on, we’ve been able to work with more cultivators and manufacturing labs to offer so many more ways to consume cannabis,” Goette said. 

As a result of there now being more ways to medicate, Goette explained, it has made cannabis more accessible to those who need it. “Getting your medical card can seem like a daunting road for many people, but we are working to make that easier,” he said, adding that many of their patients come from NuggMD, an online platform that touts procuring medical card approval in 15

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