Nearly 75% say city should have recreational pot dispensary –

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Last Monday, InMaricopa published an unofficial poll ahead of the next day’s consideration by city council of an ordinance on recreational marijuana.

We asked, “Should Maricopa have a recreational marijuana dispensary?”

Through 6 p.m. Sunday, 657 people voted. The total vote ran nearly 3-1 in support of a dispensary here for recreational marijuana, with 484 yes (73.7%) vs. 173 no (26.3%).

Before council’s meeting started Tuesday night, 190 people had voted, with 161 yes (84.7%) and 29 no (15.3%) votes.

On Tuesday night, the council voted, 6-1, to approve an ordinance requiring that any operator of a recreational marijuana dispensary must also be licensed for a medical marijuana dispensary, and both dispensaries must be operated in the city.

Councilmember Vincent Manfredi was the lone vote against the ordinance.

In the days since council’s action, 467 people voted in the poll, with 324 yes (69.4%) and 143 no (30.6%)

The poll stimulated much discussion with more than 300 comments on two posts on the InMaricopa Facebook page – one before the city council meeting and the other after.

“No dispensary in Maricopa,” wrote Barbara Orrico, before councilmembers considered the ordinance.

“No,” agreed Anthony Archuleta.

But many disagreed.

“Yes 100%,” Jeremy Rigby offered.

“100% we should allow any LEGAL business that wants to move to city to be allowed to open. Isn’t that what is always said?” agreed Lee Morano. “If a legal business wants to move here, we welcome them?”

“Yes. It is needed in town, missing out on tax dollars,” Lori Hogden commented. “Not to mention adding traffic to 347 [to] drive to go to another dispensary. Really frustrating that our city council is working to restrict it.”

“Yes. The people have spoken,” Josh Lillie wrote. “Why do they need to pass emergency ordinances in

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