Need to Know: California's Space Coyote Infuses Prerolls with Popular Extract – Cannabis Dispensary

Some people like flower, some people like extracts. Some people like to mix them for combined effects.

The latter group makes up the audience that Scott Sundvor and Libby Cooper, the founders of Space Coyote, are trying to reach with their extract-infused prerolls.

Space Coyote’s website doesn’t mince words: these products will get you “glazed.” “Gone are the days of tasteless prerolls and mediocre highs,” it reads.

“We both consider ourselves stoners,” Sundvor told Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary. “Libby has really emphasized being proud of using that terminology and embracing that heritage culture in the market.”

Photo courtesy of Space Coyote

But there’s also a science behind the stoniness—data to which Cooper paid attention in her last job at Eaze. The numbers showed customers’ purchasing behaviors reflected the value of “price-to-THC ratio,” she told CBT and CD. She also noticed that the preroll segment continues to grow, but these products are often made with trim or shake, and turn off some more experienced users.

“There was a disconnect between people who considered themselves connoisseurs, or stoners that really enjoyed strain-specific flavors, [and people] buying prerolls,” Cooper said. “Prerolls were for more of the canna-curious, the newer to the weed scene.”

She and Sundvor had wanted to work together for a while, he said. (He cofounded Nima, which creates gluten and peanut sensors for people with food allergies.) “We had this name, Space Coyote, and we knew that we wanted to do something in cannabis together,” he said.

They came up with that name when they and some friends visited Joshua Tree National Park in late 2017 for Sundvor’s birthday. New moon? Check. Meteor shower? Check. The “magic mushroom” active ingredient Psilocybin “might have been involved,” Sundvor joked.

“It really felt like we were in space, actually a part

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