Nevada City dispensary approves first reading – The Union of Grass Valley

Nevada City voted to allow a cannabis dispensary within city limits after the city council approved its first reading of the Medical Cannabis Dispensary ordinance during Wednesday night’s meeting.

A second reading must be scheduled within 30 days for the ordinance to move forward.

The council had considered the planning commission’s recommendation to allow more than one dispensary, but opted to allow for only one. A provision was added for the council to review the limitation and potentially allow for more.

Areas zoned general business, local business, and light industrial districts are approved for the location, excluding the historical district.

“It’s a comprehensive and strict ordinance,” area resident Kimberly Cargile said during the meeting. “But it seems very reasonable.”

Cargile said she foresees problems with parking and wait times with only one dispensary.

“Competition is healthy for business and better for consumers,” Cargile said, adding that having only one could open the city up to a lawsuit for violating monopoly laws.

Council members decided to change the working age of those in a dispensary from 18 to 21 based on some concerns from those in the public and also mulled the option to not allow children in the dispensary even with their parents or caregivers, but opted to allow that provision.

“It’s so rare, but sometimes it is necessary, so I wouldn’t disallow it,” Debbie Blurton from All About Wellness dispensary in the Sacramento area said.

Cultivation of cannabis was also allowed within Nevada City limits following the second reading of the Cannabis Cultivation ordinance.

Some discussion regarding whether or not to allow outdoor growing to some capacity was also considered, though the council ultimately opted to stay with the indoor growing of up to six cannabis plants.

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