Nevada officials put Jackpot marijuana ordinance on hold –

ELKO, Nev. — In a close vote, Elko, Nevada, County Commissioners on Wednesday tabled an ordinance that would allow for marijuana sales in Jackpot until they have the kinks worked out.

The small town of Jackpot is on the Nevada-Idaho border, about 45 miles south of Twin Falls.

“My whole point is that this is rushed,” Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi said, after holding up three versions of the proposed ordinance. “This is an ordinance setting a whole new chapter in county code. I think that for whatever reason, there is a political priority to push this thing through. It needs thought.”

Andreozzi, Commissioner Cliff Eklund and Chairman Demar Dahl voted to hold off on first reading of the ordinance. Commissioners Jon Karr and Rex Steninger voted against the delay. They wanted to make changes and act on the first reading.

“That’s still better than to kick the can down the road,” Steninger said.

Deputy Elko County District Attorney Rand Greenburg said that if there are substantial changes between the first and second readings, the first reading would need to be repeated to provide for public comment.

One of Andreozzi’s concerns was whether Jackpot could have two state-licensed dispensaries, because the ordinance doesn’t specify only one, and the state allows the county two licenses.

“I am not sure that is what you want,” he said.

Greenburg said as the ordinance is written, the two licenses would be issued only in Jackpot.

Steninger questioned why the ordinance was for recreational sales only, not medical marijuana sales. The proposed ordinance states that “notwithstanding any other provisions of this code, medical marijuana establishments are not allowed.”

“We can change that pretty easily,” Greenburg said.

Eklund wondered what the difference is between medical and recreational marijuana.

Kimberly Greening, who works at the Deep Roots Harvest marijuana

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