New Bedford's First Retail Cannabis Dispensary Is Coming –

Heads up cannabis lovers, there’s a new business blowing into New Bedford later this year that says it will ascend your buying experience to new heights.

Their seeds were originally planted in Illinois and New Jersey, and this summer Ascend New Bedford will have a new home at 115 Coggeshall Street as the city’s first recreational marijuana dispensary (by the way, the photo above is of another Ascend facility; construction can’t begin yet in New Bedford).

“We believe in the power of the plant,” the team at Ascend New Bedford said on their official website. The plan is to open the largest cannabis dispensary on the East Coast in Boston, and the New Bedford location hopes to make a big impact in the area.

New Bedford City Councilor Ian Abreu, chair of the council’s Committee on Cannabis Regulation and Host Community Agreement Review, said that there are still some steps in the process before everything is official but that things are moving along.

“The professionals at Ascend have been working hand in hand with the City of New Bedford for the last year and a half to establish a recreational cannabis dispensary here in this community,” Abreu said. “They are very close to reaching that goal as they are in the final stages with the city’s planning board.”

Abreu said the process is currently engaged in what is called a “peer review” through the city’s department of public infrastructure, which he said is “basically a traffic study.”

“The City is hopeful that this study will be completed by sometime this early spring, so that the planning board can make its final vote,” he said.

Catering to medical patients and recreational users, Ascend will be offering a wide selection of products, from different strands to edibles, to accessories, and more. Ozone Reserve

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