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NEW PORT RICHEY – Fluent Cannabis Care has opened here, but the folks who run it don’t want people to see this shop through the stereotypical eyes that follow those who choose to use cannabis.

Cam Martin, Fluent associate director of retail, explained the doors are unlocked at 10 a.m. and guests can “walk in freely and are greeted by our reception staff.”

Some of the people who have already taken advantage of their services have noted the “medical” look of the office, Martin said.

“We have a nice waiting area in the lobby just as you might find at a doctor’s office,” Martin said.

He said it is usually one to five minutes to get a customer checked in and taken back to the sales area which is patrolled “every minute with the staff.”

“They look out for the security of both our patients and employees,” Martin said. “It’s a very safe environment with a lot of magnetic locks on all the doors. It would be a task to get to the sales area by yourself.”

The New Port Richey location, in the River Ridge-Deer Park area, has five sales desks, which allows for quicker customer service in what Martin describes as a “sterile, medical feeling.”

A private consultation room is available for first-time users of medical cannabis as well as meetings with staff members about other specific or personal medical issues customers may want to discuss.

The room is supplied with a phone where patients and staff can contact a doctor or medical professional should that type of consultation be requested or necessary.

While the dispensary still handles cannabis in all of its previously available forms, it does also carry what the industry terms as the “flower” form of cannabis. This smokable marijuana is now legal under Florida

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