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KKIND will open its doors to patients this Thursday.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 6:42 p.m. EDT by Will Kriss

KALAMAZOO, MI (WKZO AM/FM) — The City of Kalamazoo will see the opening of a new medical marijuana dispensary this week as the medical facility KKIND prepares to open its doors.

KKIND is planning on offering the best in customer service to help patients figure out which strain is best for their individual needs.

“When a strain or product comes in, we can focus on the test results and see which cannabinoids they are heavy in,” KKIND Chief Operating Officer and co-owner John Taylor said. “We can make associations between that and listening to the patient when they come in, see what brought them there in the first place, and then try to make recommendations or suggestions that’ll steer them in the right direction. Not just the strain, but also dosing levels.”

Taylor served as a Kalamazoo County Commissioner for 14 years, plus a Board Chair for two.

“My roots are in the community,” Taylor said. “We’re really excited to start a business, to start employing folks and create living-wage jobs for people in our community.” 

Taylor is currently unsure of whether KKIND will apply for a recreational marijuana license when the time comes.

“You can apply for the recreational license in November,” Taylor said. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, probably more than likely we will go recreational. I think that’s where all the businesses are going, but we certainly have a medical focus on our dispensary. We focus on the medical aspects of cannabis…and taking back quality of life issues.”

Importantly, the dispensary is focused on creating jobs for the local community.

“We’re creating living-wage jobs, the lowest-salaried employee we’re paying is $15 an hour and up,” Taylor

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