No deal on medical marijuana dispensary in Sandwich – Wicked Local Cape Cod

Paul Gately

Sandwich selectmen on Feb. 2 indicated they are not prepared to write a letter of non-opposition for a medical marijuana dispensary that the Holistic Health Group Inc. proposes at Route 130 near Exit 2. until the new Massachusetts recreational cannabis law is figured out or refined at Beacon Hill.

Holistic Health Chief Operating Officer Tim McNamara said his group is solely interested in medical marijuana sales, but he hedged his bet when directly asked by Selectman David Sampson if he wants to sell recreational marijuana should Sandwich voters opt for that possibility.

Sampson sought a “yes or no” answer to his question, but McNamara did not cooperate.

Sampson said that at a previous forum held at Sandwich Public Library, McNamara had said he would be interested in selling recreational pot if the opportunity arises in Sandwich. “I’m asking you to be consistent and direct,” Sampson told McNamara.

The Holistic Health Group seeks a host community agreement, and McNamara said the pact could include specific language that a medical dispensary would not sell recreational pot; until such time the town votes to approve that possibility, either at town meeting or on an election ballot.

Selectmen Chairman Susan James said she questions studies that indicate medical marijuana assures therapeutic effects. She is also concerned about the need for suitable medical marijuana warning labels as to the product’s strength, possibly alluding to the perceived potential of the marijuana being laced with harmful elements.

Selectman Frank Pannorfi remains worried about recreational pot sales ultimately mixing in with medical marijuana sales. “I want to see the final regs in the recreational piece,” he said. “I can’t separate the two.”

Selectman Patrick Ellis said he could separate recreational and medical aspects of marijuana sales. He said there remains “a tremendous demand” for medical pot.” He said the

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