Oklahoma Dispensary Association Engages Leading Oklahoma Lobbying Firm and Opposes License Cap Bill HB 2272 – PRNewswire

OKLAHOMA CITY, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The rapidly growing Oklahoma Dispensary Association (“ODA”) has engaged McSpadden Milner Robinson (“MMR”) as their lobbying firm to represent the Oklahoma cannabis industry in the 58th legislative session. “Engaging MMR will better position us to advocate for the dispensary owners and more than 368,000 medical marijuana patients,” said Paul M. Murano, ODA’s Executive Director. ODA was formed to educate the cannabis industry and advocate on its behalf at the state and local levels. It does that in order to serve medical marijuana patients and to make a positive impact in local communities throughout Oklahoma.

MMR was formed six years ago when James McSpadden, James Milner and Brett Robison merged their sole lobbying practices. The firm has been involved in many key issues brought before the Oklahoma State Capitol – from reforming the state’s alcohol laws, advancing the interests of oil and gas, to opposing onerous tax measures. “We value the interest of our clients and we are honored that ODA has asked us to represent them at the Capitol,” said James Milner. “We have been involved in issues surrounding the medical marijuana industry. It is relatively new for most Oklahomans and the elected officials are trying to wrap their heads around the issue as many have constituents who are in the industry or impacted by it. Our focus is to educate them on the issues and ensure they do no harm.”

Representative Jon Echols (HD 90), the Majority Floor Leader for the Oklahoma House of Representatives and a major supporter of the industry, is thrilled with ODA’s formation and its new lobbying team. “There are going to be a number of different ideas on how the industry needs to be structured – some good and frankly some really bad ideas as well,”

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