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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma based Green Sunshine Medical Weed Dispensary is reaching out to the wider community to share the varieties of cannabis they have on offer for people who have medical cards. With a variety of high quality cannabis available, they are dedicated to ensuring that those who need medicinal weed in Oklahoma City or the surrounding areas have a reliable supplier.

Martin Valkov, a representative for Green Sunshine Medical Weed Dispensary, says, “Medicinal cannabis is a great step forward in treating many conditions, and those who are prescribed medicinal cannabis need to have somewhere where they can find high quality weed that can help in their treatment. Green Sunshine Medical Weed Dispensary was established with the intention of providing top shelf medical cannabis to the residents of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Situated in the heart of Bricktown, we take a lot of pride in providing medical marijuana to all of our customers!”

As Volkov points out, medicinal cannabis is a proven and effective way to treat a variety of conditions. In the United States, the most common use for medical marijuana is for pain control. Though it cannot suppress severe pain (such as broken bones or post-surgical trauma), marijuana has proven to be very effective as a way to treat chronic pain and similar conditions. Medical marijuana is also clearly safe, especially compared to opiates, as it does not have similar addictive properties and is impossible to overdose on. It can also serve as an alternative for NSAIDs in cases where people cannot take them due to issues they may have with other conditions.

It has been proven that medicinal use of weed can ease the pain of multiple sclerosis and other kinds of nerve pain. Seeing as how this is an area where very few

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