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Jushi Holdings Inc’s BEYOND / HELLO Sauget Route 3 retail store in Sauget, Ill., partnered with Pop’s NightClub and Concert Venue (Pop’s) and put on a special event to celebrate Pop’s 40th anniversary and deliver a unique experience for consumers.

The concert-related event took place Oct. 1 and provided “special offerings, merchandise, backstage related passes, artist green room, and shopping experiences” for artists, VIPs, music fans, and members of the Pop’s community, according to a press release.

Jushi’s Executive Vice President of Retail, Brendon Lynch, said the event went well, as the company had partnered with Pop’s before but was looking to do something on a larger scale.

“The event consisted of a preview event. So, we were able to give some of the artists a preview into the dispensary, and we were able to spend some time with that backstage as well,” Lynch said.

Jushi offered artists and attendees discount codes on cannabis products and merchandise, which are eligible to use at the BEYOND / HELLO retail stores in Sauget, Ill., through the end of the year.

“We’ve seen quite a few of them coming back into the stores, both [BEYOND / HELLO] retail Sauget stores, which have had a decent amount of redemption from the coupon as well,” Lynch said. “It was even more so about building community relationships and doing something interesting and cool than it was about driving business, but it sort of did drive some business as well, which is a plus.”

The event is just one example of Jushi engaging in experiential marketing, which Lynch describes as “going above and beyond.”

“Experiential marketing allows you to showcase who you are, what you value you as a brand, and what you stand for,” Lynch said. “… It’s looking for ways we can differentiate ourselves from other cannabis retailers by doing things that

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