Oregon Dispensary Adventures: 29 miles over 4 days – The Weed Blog (blog)

A couple weeks ago, on 1/25/17, after Flo had her appointment at the VA Hospital up on Marquam Hill in Portland, she drove to Hillsboro while I walked down the hill toward town to start my dispensary adventures. My first stop was at Zion Cannabis. The budtenders were super helpful (Flo is right, I really need to write down their names – sorry everyone). One of the things I found on their shelves is vape pen batteries for only $4, for those of us who need a battery but still have the charger, or $8 if you need both the battery and the charger.
From there I proceeded to walk north through town, visited Serra on 1st, strolled across the Steel Bridge, and slowly wandered north to Lagunitas Community Room to attend the Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event that was put on by The Weed Blog to benefit a local nonprofit. It was a wonderful way to end the evening after a 7 mile wander!

My “business” card

Three days later on Saturday, January 28, Flo had an early appointment so I headed out and took TriMet to Tru Cannabis (NE Broadway) and started wandering north, hitting Jayne, Bloom, and Bridge City Collective before stopping at Safeway to pick up the supplies I needed to teach Frankie how I clean my glass pipes (soaking them in 91% alcohol and using salt as an abrasive). Once I finished there, I headed to Nectar on Mississippi and then wandered south to Broadway, completing an 8 mile walk.
On Monday I took public transportation to Bridge City Collective on Grand, wandered east to Botanica, then south and west to Gras Cannabis on 7th. From there I headed south to Farma on Hawthorne where I found two wonderful samples from Yerba Buena, Samoas and Tiger’s Milk. Two grams

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