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The experience that a patient has when visiting a dispensary can make or break a return visit and potentially make them an advocate or a naysayer.  While the entire patient experience encompasss more than just the face-to-face interaction they have with a brand, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll be focused strictly on the dispensary portion of the patient experience.  We’ll be featuring the end-to-end experience in our September issue – watch for that in print.

Here are some important things to remember in terms of patient dispensary experience:

1. Build awareness of your dispensary 

In order to get patients to visit – they need to be aware of your dispensary. There are a number of ways to build awareness with your potential dispensary patients.

You need an effective social media and content strategy You can gain exposure by engaging in public forums and when social distancing is over – public events Register your brand with cannabis-specific directories / online providers Engage in thoughtful partnerships with cannabis communities through sponsorships 2. Help clients discover you

Patients may have noticed you, but they may not be fully on-board with cannabis or what you have to offer. A lot of first-time cannabis users will have a lot of curiosity and apprehension about what specific cannabis products can do for them. When you take the opportunity to integrate thoughtful and thorough cannabis education into their discovery phase, through your website, social media, and in-store materials, you can get ahead of that curiosity and bring them to action.


   3. Cultivate that trust

The ability to grow your dispensary business lies in the ability to build trust with potential patients, and show them that they bring value to your brand. Pay attention to your patients,

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