Pharmacy sends dispensary cease-and-desist letter over name –

WHITE HALL, Ark. – For medical marijuana patients, a dispensary is their pharmacy.

But don’t be fooled by the name: Doctor’s Orders Pharmacy isn’t the same as Doctor’s Orders RX.

The local pharmacy chain in Jefferson County has had to weed out consistent customers from confused callers since the product hit shelves.

“We’ve probably had 50 or so calls since Friday,” said Lelan Stice, the owner of Doctor’s Orders Pharmacy.

That’s when the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Doctor’s Orders RX, made its first sale. Some of its patients have confused the Hot Springs business with the pharmacies an hour away in Pine Bluff and White Hall, which sold their first prescription in 2009.

“The confusion is absolutely there because of the similarity of the names and the logos,” Stice said. “Even the colors are the same.”

Stice spent the weekend replying to Facebook reviews, messages and check-ins meant for the dispensary.

“We’ve asked those people to take those posts down, but they haven’t responded yet,” he said. “We can’t remove a check-in.”

Stice and his attorney sent a cease and desist letter to the dispensary Monday, asking the owners to change its name. A spokesperson for Doctors Order’s RX did not have a comment at this time. If Stice doesn’t hear from the dispensary, he plans to file an official cease and desist order against it.

“We don’t need that kind of confusion,” Stice said. 

Both the pharmacies and the dispensary are registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office and listed in good standing. 

Doctor’s Orders RX and the state’s second dispensary to open its doors, Green Springs Medical, have sold in total more than 26 pounds of medical marijuana since Friday, according to Scott Hardin, the spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. 

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