Phoenix marijuana dispensary hawks COVID-19 'immunization stabilizer,' state orders it to stop – AZCentral


A product called Coronav Tincture was offered for sale by YiLo Superstore in Phoenix, and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office ordered the marijuana dispensary to stop selling it. (Photo: Arizona Attorney General’s Office)

A Phoenix marijuana dispensary stopped just short of saying it had a COVID-19 cure.

But YiLo Superstore did say it had a Coronavirus “immunization stabilizer tincture” that you could mix with water “should you come down with a life-threatening virus.”

YiLo advertised the sodium chlorite solution as a virus killer and an immune system builder on its website under the headings, “CoronaV instructions” and “a word on Coronavirus.”

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has another word for the product: Fraud.

State regulators on Friday hit YiLo with a cease and desist order, saying the advertisement  appeared to violate the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.

“In the absence of scientific evidence, an advertisement suggesting that a product could provide immunization against COVID-19 creates a misrepresentation and a false promise of a medical preventative or cure,” the AG’s senior litigation counsel wrote in the order.

The order, addressed to YiLoLife LLC owner Carsten Loelke, demanded the company stop selling and advertising the tincture by Saturday afternoon and warned of fines up to $10,000.

“Exploiting vulnerable patients’ health concerns by selling fake cures or treatments for a serious disease is wrong,” Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement.

Scammers try to capitalize on the coronavirus

Cures and immune-boosting elixirs are among the latest scams following the Coronavirus in its community spread.

COVID-19 schemes are attacking the wallets and common sense of consumers across the country. Scams include fake stimulus package offers, phishing and identity theft attempts and phony pop-up virus testing tents.


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