Planet 13 Will Open 2nd Largest Pot Shop in the World. – OC Weekly

Photo courtesy of Planet 13 Holdings Inc.

In Las Vegas, David Farris is used to seeing people with their bags and luggage ready to get legal pot from his dispensary before they even make it to their hotels, but an upcoming second location will see more local Orange County residents.

Planet 13 Holdings Inc. will open shop in the city of Santa Ana with a planned 40,000-square-foot location next year that would make it the second largest dispensary in the world. And the company boasts more than just cannabis products will be sold at the “weed superstore.”

“We are only a few miles from a very busy and large mall in Santa Ana,” says David Farris, Planet 13’s director of Sales and Marketing. “We are also about 10 minutes from Disneyland. I feel like we found a really solid location to expand our dispensary complex.”

It will make Planet 13 Holdings‘ first major expansion, which in this case means not only branching out to a new market but a different state with its own laws and regulations. The management team feels confident they will be well versed before doors open, however.  “There is a lot of differences with the laws so it’s really under our general counsel and our regulatory team to understand the sale of cannabis and how that differs in each area,” Farris says. 

Planet 13 management envisions a safe environment to purchase more than just cannabis products, with a  knowledgable staff and a mission that includes community involvement. Cannabis knowledge is of importance in the hiring of each tender, according to the company, which wants those employees able to educate their customers before purchases are ever made.

The goal is for Planet 13 to change the negative views of cannabis, which is why giving back to the community is

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