Planning Commission recommends one dispensary for medical marijuana – Troy Daily News

TROY — Troy Planning Commission voted to recommend one medical marijuana dispensary in the B-4 Highway Business District on Wednesday.

After lengthy discussion, the planning commission unanimously approved to move forward with amending the zoning code to present to city council.Commission also recommended a complete ban of cultivators and processors of medical marijuana as a separate issue to be presented to council.

The commission voted not to hold a public hearing for both the ban of cultivators and processing of medical marijuana or the recommendation to allow one dispensary in the B-4 Highway Business district.

On Monday, council voted 4-3 in regards to allowing up to three retail medical marijuana dispensaries. Council members John Terwilliger and Doug Tremblay were not present Monday.

Planning Commission member and public service and safety director Patrick Titterington made a motion to ban dispensaries altogether with no support from the rest of the members.

Planning Commission had also recommended to allow up to five dispensaries which council amended to three dispensaries. The issue also failed to pass at the council level. Council voted to extend the moratorium on medical marijuana on Nov. 7. The second 180-day moratorium will expire July 13, 2017.

Larry Wolke asked if the vote could have been delayed to allow the two absent council members to vote. Titterington said council did not chose to table the ordinance.

Mayor Michael Beamish said the issue “has strong opinions across the board” and options were now limited to zero or one.

City zoning and planning manager Tim Davis said council’s action has left staff with “little to no options” other than one or zero dispensaries within city limits. Davis also said if no action was taken, dispensaries would be allowed to be located throughout the B-1, B-2, B-3 (including the downtown historic district), B-4

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