Plans for a Quincy Market pot shop are on hold following cease-and-desist letter –   Recently updated !

Boston city officials had planned to hold a virtual community meeting this Thursday on a proposed recreational marijuana dispensary in historic Quincy Market.

However, any such plans have been paused.

The meeting was abruptly canceled last week by Boston’s Office of Neighborhood Services after Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, the New York company that manages the city-owned marketplace, said they planned to send a cease-and-desist letter to the proposed pot shop, Redemption Cannabis, over their proposed use of the space.

City officials say Redemption can move forward in the public input process, once certain unspecific “issues are resolved.”

While the concept of a pot shop at the 200-year-old landmark and tourist destination is likely to attract some opposition, the reason for the letter isn’t exactly clear.


Representatives for Ashkenazy and Faneuil Hall Marketplace did not respond to requests for comment. City officials also declined to answer specific questions.

However, a source familiar with the plans told that the reason for the cease-and-desist letter was because the property managers prefer a different marijuana shop proposal at a separate location in Quincy Market. The city of Boston has a “buffer zone” rule that generally prohibits marijuana businesses from being within a half mile of one another.

According to The Boston Globe, Redemption’s founder Geoffrey Reilinger seems to be under the impression that his fledgling proposal has already met its end.

“Despite being a local guy who grew up here, Boston just does not seem to want to give me a license,” Reilinger, the son of Boston’s former longtime school committee chair, told the Globe. “I honestly don’t know what happened.”

(Reilinger has also been involved in a fraught, long-running effort to open a medical marijuana dispensary on Newbury Street.)

Redemption was proposed to be located on the second floor of the

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