Police searching for suspects responsible for string of Denver dispensary robberies – FOX 31 Denver

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DENVER– The Denver Police Department now believes the same four suspects are responsible for robbing six metro Denver dispensaries, at gunpoint, over the last several months.

Frosted Leaf has several locations in Denver. The dispensary, off of Harrison Street, was robbed in early December just as employees were getting ready to close for the night.

“It sent shock waves through the whole company,” said Frosted Leaf’s general Counsel, John Goutell.

Goutell gave FOX31 and exclusive look at the surveillance footage, where two employees were held up and gunpoint while four suspects robbed the dispensary.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

“They really look like they’ve had some training. This wasn’t a bunch of guys who just decided to go rob the store,” said Goutell, going back through the surveillance video.

They’re one of at least six dispensaries police believe were targeted by the same four suspects.

“We’ve taken some additional measures, planted some surprises—if you will—for folks if they try that again. And from what I’m hearing, most of our competitors have done the same thing,” said Goutell.

Peak Dispensary is one of them.

“We’ve experienced a couple of near break-ins over the last couple of months,” said owner Justin Henderson.

“A couple of guys came to the back door with crow bars about a month and half ago—they were unsuccessful. About a week later, we had someone try and back in a vehicle and take out the back door,” he added.

Henderson says they have heightened their security at Peak Dispensary in response to the break-ins, and armed robberies.

“I think the biggest deterrent for criminals is knowing there’s no money here, if we had banking. I think the majority of our customers would rather use

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