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L’Eagle, one of Denver’s longstanding marijuana dispensaries and the recipient of multiple Best of Denver awards over the years, is in the midst of an ugly legal battle with its landlord. The most recent salvo is an eviction notice, filed July 15 by North Mountain Group LLC, that demands L’Eagle leave its home of ten years at 380 Quivas Street.

But L’Eagle owners Amy and John Andrle not only want to stay, they want to own the building where they’ve spent their entire cannabis careers, and say that their lease gives them the right to buy it.

The simmering disagreements boiled over on July 10, when the Andrles’ attorneys filed a lawsuit in Denver District Court against NMG and its owner, Douglas Norberg, affirming that the Andrles still reserve the right to purchase the building under a clause in their lease. Five days later, NMG filed its own lawsuit and served the eviction notice, citing alleged property damages that L’Eagle failed to repair.

According to L’Eagle attorney Henry Baskerville, the Andrles have thirty days to respond to the eviction order; they’re also entitled to a possession hearing. The competing lawsuits will likely lengthen that process, as the parties each have over a month before an initial hearing in Denver District Court.

“It’s a complete stick in the spokes, and yet we’re still charging ahead,” says Amy Andrle.

The L’Eagle lawsuit against NMG focuses on a clause in the lease that was approved by L’Eagle and the building’s previous owners, Praxis Investment Company, and then renegotiated and agreed upon in 2016 when NMG bought the building, according to L’Eagle. It stipulates that the Andrles would pay around $6,500 more per month in rent, going from $8,000 to $14,500, in exchange for retaining the right to eventually purchase the property.

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