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Grow houses are one of the possible industries that Maricopa City Council will discuss in February as it examines whether to allow marijuana-related businesses in the city.

Anyone with hoping to buy marijuana in Maricopa some day should probably lower their expectations.

After voters in November legalized recreational use statewide, several city officials are expressing reluctance to allow dispensaries in town.

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Currently, there are no restrictions on any potential dispensaries or other marijuana-related industries in town, according to City Manager Rick Horst.

“There are none for recreational marijuana,” he said. “Thus, the need for a work session and the promulgation of regulations.”

But Mayor Christian Price indicated approval was not immediately forthcoming and that city council would need that work session to learn more.

“We need to learn about the ins and outs of the whole issue, and get both sides of the argument,” he said.

According to Horst, a work session on the matter will be scheduled early this month. The city will need to determine which segments of the marijuana industry, if any, if it wants to allow in town, including retail sales (i.e., dispensaries), cultivation, storage, processing, testing, manufacturing and distribution.

Horst said councilmembers should move quickly once they have the necessary information.

“We need to get an ordinance in place,” he said during the city’s recent annual planning meeting. “I’d rather have you (the council) go too far (in limiting marijuana businesses) because we can contract our ordinances, but we can’t expand them once they’re enacted. We have to be in position by early April to enact legislation or we’re stuck with what the state says.”

Aside from the philosophical issues surrounding recreational pot, Price indicated the city would need to research other elements around

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