Presenting: The Tucson Weedly's Cannabis Bowl 2020 Winners – Tucson Weekly

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Best Delivery Service

Earth’s Healing

Thanks to the ‘rona outbreak and the subsequent weed rush, Earth’s Healing has had to suspend its delivery service, but they hope to have it back up and running soon. When it’s operational, the dispensary delivers across the metro area for a simple flat fee: If you order between $40 and $100 in goods, there’s a $10 fee. If you order between $101 and $200, there’s a $5. And if you’re ordering more than $200, there’s no fee at all.

Second place: Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center

Third place: Downtown Dispensary/D2

Best Certification Center

Tumbleweeds Health Center

Until we see Arizona voters approve recreational weed for adult users, we are gonna have to get a license to smoke it—and that requires a recommendation from a doctor. Voters say the place to get that done is Tumbleweeds Health Center, which will get you legal with a minimum of hassle—provided you have an underlying health condition, of course.

Second place: Dr. Reeferalz

Third place: Sun Valley Certification Center

Best MMJ Doctor

Dr. Heather Moroso

Dr. Heather Moroso will not only help you with your certification, but will help you work out your health issues. She’s the real deal, and a badass doc besides.

Second place: Dr. Nancy Robbins

Third place: Dr. Phillip Glotser

Best Waiting Room

Green Halo

Here’s why so many people love Green Halo’s waiting room: It’s right next door to the kitchen where they bake the brownies! It’s just like having that fresh-baked-cookies smell when you’re selling a house: An underlying scent that will subconsciously put customers at ease—and maybe even give them the munchies.

Second place: Health’s Healing North

Third place: Botanica

Best Customer Service

Green Halo

Green Halo may be one of the smaller dispensaries in town, but

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