Pueblo dispensary hosts new cannabis vending machines | News – coloradopolitics.com

A Massachusetts-based company has supplied a marijuana dispensary in Pueblo with four cannabis products vending machines, with more planned in the Denver metro area.

The Denver Post reports that Matt Frost, the founder and CEO of the company anna, plans to add a machine to a second dispensary in Aurora after the debut at Strawberry Fields’ central Pueblo location.

“There are experienced cannabis customers who don’t necessarily need that one-on-one interaction with a budtender. They know what they want before they walk in: they’re ready to go in and out,” Frost said, according to The Post. “With COVID and social distancing and contactless, definitely we have an appeal there as well.”

While customers will still need to show identification, they may pay by cash or card. They can also order through an app and the machine will dispense the purchase.

MassLive reports that anna intends to deploy additional machines in Massachusetts in September, with a total of 14 installed between the two states within two months.The machines, at eight square feet, have a capacity of 2,000 products.

The anna machines are not the first of their kind. In 2015, a Seattle medical marijuana store received what was billed as the first “age-verifying, climate-controlled, self-service dispensary” from an Arizona company.

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