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The Pass brand represents the mountain passes in which we live, it represents permission that we’ve been given a pass to consume. It represents passing from one state to another, it represents communal sharing, and community:

‘pass the joint.’

Michael Cohen is co-founder of The Pass, a marijuana dispensary located in Sheffield, Massachusetts, the closest such local weed dispensary to NYC.

Together with the other co-founder, Chris Weld, Michael has set up the local weed dispensary right on the borders of New York and Connecticut, which has recently opened up its doors to the public.

Dave Kezafrika (@kezafrika) From left to right: Chris Weld & Michael Cohen

Located in the Berkshires right off of a major road, The Pass represents a changing landscape. In the middle of a lush valley home to farmers, to the naked eye, The Pass is essentially just another business on the side of the road.

But once we turned left into the parking lot and walked through the front doors, we understood it was anything but.

What we found on the property was two driven founders, who sensed an opportunity in a nascent industry and are trying to take full advantage of that emerging goldmine.

We found a warm, sunny setting conducive to optimizing workflow, and a friendly and motivated team, that seemed happy to be working in an environment full of passion. And in some cases, an environment that allows them to legally work with a plant that they’d been surrounded by for much of their lives.

Photo Courtesy: @vasgas.visuals The Pass’s Inception

Both Michael and Chris live in the Berkshires, a rural region in the mountains of Western Massachusetts.

“We live in the Southern Berkshires in Great Barrington (around 10,000 people), and our kids go to school together,” explains Chris.


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