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SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – When the Pure Ohio Wellness dispensary opens on Friday in Springfield, it will be the second in Clark County, but a co-owner said the majority of their product was grown at their cultivation site in Mad River Township.

Larry Pegram, co-owner of Pure Ohio Wellness, said at the beginning, they will sell 15 strains of flower product and 12 different infused products, along with employees prepared to explain them all to patients who might not know what to expect.

“They think they may be going to a shady place and this is basically a pharmacy,” said Pegram. “We have 97 cameras on the building, our caregivers are instructed, they’re professional, we have a pharmacist on staff.”

Pegram said it has been a long, tedious process, but it will only benefit the customers.

“I think the first few that opened there were some snafus, I think with any new program there is, but now it seems like everything is running very smoothly,” said Pegram.

Chris Fox works at Ohio Auto Kolor next door, and said he is excited for the medicine to be available to those in need and for what it could mean for everyone else.

“Definitely think they’ll help the local economy, bring more people in, spend more money,” said Fox. “Hopefully help the local businesses around also.”

But Pegram said there are already local benefits as they employ 65 people altogether, including 40 people at their Clark County cultivation site, who will get to see their hard work pay off.

“We’re proud that people from this area are the ones who have grown it and they’ve taken great care because they know growing the product, it might be their mother, or their sister, or friend that’s using it,” said Pegram.

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