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Simply put, cannabis is becoming mainstream. As many states, including New York, begin to legalize marijuana, many entrepreneurs are creating new ways for consumers to engage with the plant. 

New York City-based entrepreneurs Charlotte Hanna, Geraldine Hessler and Penelope Nam-Stephen sought out a different approach to cannabis through their first-ever cannabis store: Rebelle. What they refer to as the “LVMH” of cannabis, Rebelle is a female-founded, minority-led cannabis dispensary in Great Barrington, Massachusetts (otherwise known as the Berkshires) that focuses on providing an experience for its consumers. Their mission is to create the first luxury lifestyle cannabis brand, and they describe their store as “Apple store meets a luxury spa retail shop.” Not only does Rebelle provide high-quality cannabis products in a variety of forms (flower, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates and edibles), but they also have a compelling, inviting design and spaces to lounge and enjoy.

Penelope Nam-Stephen, Charlotte Hanna and Geraldine Hessler.

Dean Isidro

Rebelle is located in the Berkshires in a renovated, 100-year-old farmhouse.


“My store is located in the Berkshires, so it was really important for it to feel appropriate to the Berkshire community,” Hanna says. “It’s a destination for people to vacation and go hiking and be in the great outdoors, so I wanted to have a lot of wood and natural elements inside. 

Hanna custom-built everything in the store, from the curved countertops to the locally sourced circular wooden sign from Berkshire Products, which has the country’s biggest inventory of live wood. She sourced the wallpaper from Los Angeles company Maison C, founded by an illustrator, who drew beautiful whimsical wallpaper for Rebelle’s store featuring hand sketches of naked women. Hanna picked every single material inside

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