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ONTARIO — As the amount of recreational marijuana dispensaries continues to grow in the city of Ontario, with the most recent being Burnt River Farms, questions regarding the city’s projected budget are growing with them. The city’s fiscal year began on July 1 and the projections outlined in the city’s budget were made under the assumption that more than one dispensary would be open and operating. City officials were optimistic that some shops could open in June. Despite this hopeful projection, Ontario’s first dispensary to open, Weedology, welcomed a flood of customers on July 26.

The shop’s opening was over a month after the city’s initial projection. How have the delayed dispensary openings affected the city’s budget?

City Manager Adam Brown explained that the city will not know for sure what the numbers look like until the first checks are received. The first month will only bring revenues from one of the dispensaries, in order to have data from both, city officials will have to wait for another month. Brown said that after this time, it will be easier to determine whether the business from one dispensary has been split between the two dispensaries or if the second to open has brought in more customers.

Latest dispensary ‘vertically integrated’

Named after a tributary of the Snake River, Burnt River Farms, next door to Love’s Truck Stop, is the latest dispensary to open in Ontario. The newest dispensary to open in the valley makes use of a busy location on the other side of town, choosing to construct an all-new building rather than renovate an existing structure.

Those with a sharp eye might be able to notice the letters “BRF” in the company’s flame logo.

Taking time to

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