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Recreational marijuana dispensaries are still illegal within Redmond city limits. But the City Council is already moving ahead to create regulations for where they can be located, in case that changes.

Mayor George Endicott said he asked city staff to draft dispensary regulations, despite marijuana outlets being illegal in Redmond, as he believes the federal government will legalize the drug nationwide soon.

Redmond city code forbids giving business licenses to companies that violate federal or state law, and marijuana is still illegal federally, despite being allowed within Oregon.

“If the feds legalize marijuana, then guess what? We no longer have a prohibition against giving them a business license,” Endicott told The Bulletin. “Then it’s, where do you put a marijuana business?”

Redmond city staff drafted a series of dispensary regulations, which will be discussed by city councilors Tuesday. These proposed regulations — which can be found at the Redmond City Council website — include not allowing marijuana businesses in residential zones. These businesses must be farther than 250 feet from any publicly owned facility like a park, transit center or day care facility, and more than 1,000 feet from a school or another marijuana business, the proposed regulations state.

The proposed regulations would also require marijuana businesses to use an air filtration and ventilation system to confine the plant’s odor to within the store as much as possible.

In the recent past, Endicott has said that he’s in favor of allowing dispensaries in Redmond, but only if the federal government legalizes it nationwide.

Lindsey Pate, CEO of craft cannabis company Glass House Grown and president of the Cascade Cannabis Association advocacy group, said she finds the City Council’s further discussion on marijuana encouraging.

“I don’t know if we’re in the right position to do a retail store in Redmond, but if I had the money, I would

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