San Francisco Dispensary Robbed: Marijuana Stolen Along With Security Guard’s Firearm – The Truth About Guns


Last Friday, a group of thieves swarmed and overwhelmed a security guard in front of a cannabis dispensary in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. The number of assailants isn’t yet known, but from security camera footage there appear to have been at least five or so and at least three getaway vehicles.

After rushing the security guard and relieving him of his firearm — which the criminals kept — they forced him inside Mountain Dew Farms where they did a little shopping, carrying many boxes of THC-laden inventory out to their waiting vehicles.

As KTVU reports . . .

One day after the brazen robbery Mountain Dew employees worked on putting new cameras in place on the exterior walls.

San Francisco police continued their investigation, meeting with neighboring businesses and looking for video of the suspects. “We haven’t confirmed the number of suspects,” said Officer Rueca. “We are stating that they are multiple suspects in a number of different vehicles. Right now we are still working without witnesses and working to analyze surveillance video that captured the incident.”

Other than distant security camera footage captured by a business across the street from the dispensary, it sounds like perhaps no video or other evidence was gathered during the robbery.

Weed dispensaries aren’t the only targets of his kind of grab-and-go larceny in San Francisco. Just last week . . .

Group dashes out of San Francisco Neiman Marcus store after handbag robbery and flee in awaiting getaway cars

— KTVU (@KTVU) July 6, 2021

These brazen robberies shouldn’t surprise anyone in a city that refuses to prosecute “petty” crimes like shoplifting. San Franciscans should expect to see much more of the same.

Thief Rides Bike Into San Francisco Walgreens, Fills Trash Bag With Goods

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