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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to show the City Council voted to approve the recreational marijuana ordinance. The original version of this story was published prior to the vote.

Scottsdale is the latest Arizona municipality to ban most recreational marijuana sales and cultivation within city limits as Prop 207 goes into effect.

The proposition, also called the Smart and Safe Arizona Act Arizona, was approved by Arizona voters and will legalize marijuana possession and use by adults 21 and older.

The new law, which took effect Nov. 30, also allows for the creation of establishments to sell recreational marijuana.

On Nov. 30 – the day the law took effect – City Council unanimously approved a new ordinance to heavily restrict recreational marijuana sales in the city and ban its use on public property.

The Council voted 6-0 on consent to approve the ordinance. Mayor Jim Lane did not vote as he was absent from the meeting recovering from a surgery. 

The ordinance prohibits the sale and transportation of recreational marijuana except by a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Scottsdale also banned marijuana testing facilities except for independent third-party labs that are certified and authorized by the state.

Prop 207 allows medical marijuana dispensaries to apply for state permission to sell recreational weed.

Cities must allow existing dispensaries “to operate a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary and a marijuana establishment cooperatively at shared locations,” the new law states.

Scottsdale’s ordinance also bans the use of marijuana in public spaces, including bars, common areas at apartment buildings, entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants and stores.

Council’s approval of the ordinance put Scottsdale among a small but growing list of Arizona cities and towns choosing to impose similar bans.

Both Gilbert and Sahuarita approved their

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